As laws, climate, science, and culture change, our options have expanded. It is important to understand what is required and what is desired when people die.  Accessing our program gives your employees access 

to personalized, affordable end-of-life care

Why the EDBP?

Forward Thinking

We have created the opportunity to get ahead of unanswered questions, unsigned documents and forgotten recipes

Competitive Positioning

Companies and organizations are continuously increasing employer offerings, as core values elevate and full spectrum care presents itself.

Healthier Grieving Process

Our services can help employees discover healthy ways to prepare for death and process grief, creating less productivity loss in bereave

Everyone benefits

Your employee retention, morale and productivity will be improved with participation in this program 

It's easy to get started


Step 1

Step 1

Step 1

We come out to your location, meet with the leaders of the organization, learn about your crew and explain our program in more detail.


Step 2

Step 1

Step 1

Our EDBP representatives introduce ourselves and the program to your crew.   


Step 3

Step 1

Step 3

Enrollment and Implementation!

Let's get started by emailing